The genealogy bug bit early!

Michael started recording his family history at an early age (10) in honor and memory of his maternal grandmother who started his passion and obsession for genealogy.

He traced his family on and off till 2000, at which time a change in jobs and other issues caused him to stop researching. After a ten year hiatus, fate intervened.

In late 2010, his mother and her sister were having a conversation and made mention of a one-hundred year old story involving his maternal great-grandfather falling to his death some seven stories from a church steeple while his grandfather was present.

This re-sparked the genealogy bug, by March 2012, Michael realized after hiring a very expensive genealogy company, that returned very little results that the only way to do this was by himself. So the adventure began!

In August 2012, after extensive research in the Swiętokrzyskie Voivodeship of Poland, Michael made contact with a relative, a third cousin of his maternal grandfathers family. The last known contact between these families had been back in 1961 before the death of his maternal grandfather. Forty-eight years had passed since the families had spoken.

Wanting to make sure he was following genealogical standards and always wanting to better himself, Michael enrolled in the Boston University Genealogical Research Program. He graduated on 13 April 2013, with a certificate in Genealogical Studies. He is now currently enrolled in the National Institute of Genealogical Studies, working towards a certificate in American Records.

Michael then started researching his paternal family and traced it back to his fourth great grandfather, Sebastian Mierzwa, born in 1740. In March 2013 Michael found and made contact with relatives of his paternal family in Pysznica, Subcarpathian Voivodeship of Poland.

After months of planning, Michael made a trip to Poland in September 2013 to meet the relatives he’d found during his research. He was the first family member from all four sides of his family to travel back to Poland since his grandparents had arrived in America.

Michael continues to trace his family as well as anyone else s family who requests it, and has turned a lifelong obsession into a career.