Mierzwa Surname Project – Ancestral Lines

  1. Mierzwa Family 001
    About: Ancestral line of Wojciech Mierzwa & Aneila Makowska. Family line has been traced back to 4th great grandfather, Sebastian Mierzwa (1750) and Marianna Blazejowicz.
    Origins: Pysznica, Poland
    Settled in: Villenova, New York
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  2. Mierzwa Family 002
    About: Researched back to Michael Mierzwa (1840) & Marianna Blazejowicz. The Ziarnowski family is a direct tie to this family.
    Origins: Pysznica
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  3. Mierzwa Family 003
    About: Traced back to Andrzej Mierzwa (1871) and Marianna Chuchra. They were married in Domostawa. Possibly immigrated to United States in 1913.
    Origins: Domostawa  & Pysznica, Poland.
    Settled in: unknown.
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  4. Mierzwa Family 004
    About: Traced back to Andrzej Mierzwa (1871) and Marianna Kutyla. The surnames of Mol, Dziuba & Jochium would be family line connections. Totally separate line from family 003.
    Origins: Domostawa & Jastkowice
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  5. Mierzwa Family 005
    About: Traced back to Viktor Mierzwa (abt 1840) and Petonela Latawiec. This line is a direct tie to the Sudol family surname. Both sons of Victor married sisters who’s surname was Sudol.
    Origins: Pysznica, Poland
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  6. Mierzwa Family 006
    About: Traced to Anrzej Mierzwa & Maria Marciol. They had 4 sons: Sigmund, Andrew, Chester, Matthew and a daughter, Celia. Chester died in WW 2
    Settled in: Utica, New York
    Contact: Kathy Mierzwa Carlozzi
  7. Mierzwa Family 007
    About: Traced back to Karol Mierzwa and Agnieszka Mierzwa. This is a direct bloodline tie to family 001. DNA testing predicts 3-5 cousins. Shared cenitMorgans & longest block suggest, 4th great-5th great grandfather connection to line 001.
    Origins: Kopki, Poland
    Settled in: Canada
    Contact: Mary Strejch
  8. Mierzwa Family 008 
    About: Ancestral line of Tomasz Mierzwa (later changed to Munza) comes from Zaczernie, Rzeszow Poland.
    Origins:Zaczernie, Rzeszow Poland.
    Settled in:West Virginia
  9. Mierzwa Family 009
    About:Wojciech Mierzwa & Franciscz Uleo
    Settled in: Buffalo
    Notes:  I believe this line could be possibly tied to Mierzwa Family 8, based on exchanges of information.
  1. Mierzwa family 010
    About: Ancestral line of Frank Drelich & Mary Mierzwa
    Origins: Kopki, Poland
    Settled in: New York City
    Contact: Don Maleto.
    Notes: DNA testing predicts connection to line 001 as fifth cousin.
  2. Mierzwa family 011 –
    About: Line of Wojciech Mierzwa and Katarzyna Mierzwa (maiden name Dziki)
    Origins: Rudnik nad Sanem
    Settled in:
    Contact: Katreena Passarello