Ciesielski family of Michigan

The year is clearly marked as 1930. I would guess these are children of my maternal grandparents family that resided in Michigan or Cleveland. If you recognize someone in this photo as part of your family, please let me know.


October 1st, 2016

It’s taken almost 10 years of being online, but I have finally solved the mystery of this photo.

With the help of ancestry DNA, I recently discovered that these are Lucien and Emily Ciesielski, children of Jon Ciesielski and Mary Zeliasz from Detroit, Michigan.  A direct tie to my maternal grandfather, Stanislaw Glowniak family. Both families hailed from Oleśnica, Świętokrzyskie Poland.

A Daniel Zeliasz, brother of the Mary Ciesielski (nee Zeliasz) was a witness to my grandparent’s marriage in Detroit in 1915.

Mystery Photo 1- Detroit Polish Wedding

LAST UPDATE: 4/22/2018
I’m back to sharing photos from the early 1910-1920s. This particular photo came from my cousin Wes Baltyn. This photo hung in his mother’s home up until her passing a few years ago. When I visited Poland, the photo was passed down to me as a gift, because my maternal grandparents are present in it.

Using photos from other weddings I have combined with photo forensics and utilizing some online tools I’ve been able to identify a few people listed below.

If someone in this photo is part of your family, please let me know.

Row 1: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bride Unknown, Piotr Poniewierski, Waleria Glowniak (Nee Ratusznik), Unknown, Jozef Glowniak
Row 2: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Rozalia Zelias, Eva Glowniak (nee Zawisza)
Row 3: Unknown, Unknown, Stanislaw Glowniak (Mich), Jan Strzelecki, Stanislaw Glowniak (NY) Jan Dzidowski, Unknown, Pawel Dzidowski, Andrzej Batlyn



Mystery Photo 2

This photo is from 1913-1916 of a wedding in Detroit Michigan area. If you recognize someone in this photo as part of your family, please let me know. You would be familiar with the surnames of Glowniak, Poniewierski, Plewa & Ratusznik.

Row 1: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Row 2: Eva Zawisza, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Row 3: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Stanislaw Glowniak (my grandfather) , Unknown , Andrzej Batlyn
Row 4: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Kazimierz Batlyn

Wedding Photo

Lopacinski family of Indiana, Pennsylvania

I’m looking to make contact with the Lopacinski family of Indiana, Pennsylvania, or any of the descendants of the family.

I realize this photo is difficult to see, but it’s the best I can get at the moment. The photo is aged and very fragile, so I didn’t want to remove it from its frame.

The family in the photo is listed as Nellie Lopacinski, husband Joseph Lopacinski, Eddie Lopacinski, Antonia Lopacinski  & Lucille Lopacinski.

Nellie Lopacinski (Nee Kuznicki) was born 6 April 1899 in Pysznica, Poland to Jan Kuznicki & Antonina Blazejowska.  Jan Kuznicki is the brother of my 2nd great grandmother, Marianna Jaworski. So this is a direct blood relation tie.

The last contact the family had with one another would have been in 1963 when Nellie passed. I obviously have old photos and genealogy information to share if you happen to read this and are interested.

Lopacinski Family

Mystery Photo 5

This is another photo from the Michigan or Cleveland area. The time frame would be June 1914 to July 1915.
The date range is based on immigration and the marriage of my grandparents. My grandfather is not wearing a visible wedding ring, so I’d assume its before August 1915.

Based on where my grandfather Stanislaw is sitting, I would assume he is related to the bride who is unknown. If you recognize someone in this photo as part of your family, please let me know.

Row 1: Stanislaw Glowniak (my grandfather), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Row 2: Unknown, Unknown, Helena Hasinska (my grandmother), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.