Naturalization records, 1837-1972 – Part 2

These entries are from the naturalization records, 1837-1972  “Microfilm of original records in the Chautauqua County Courthouse, Mayville, New York, that i’ve been going through.

Below is a list of surnames & locations I recognize, either in part of families i know or locations my ancestors came from.

If you see a surname  and you believe the listed person may be related to you, please contact me.

First Name Last Name Born in 
Joseph Peter Comada alexandroff, russia
Jacob Duliba Zlotow
Wawrzyniec Komada alexandroff, russia
Stanislaus Maternowski Smogulecka Dorf, Germany
Martin Mirzwa Rudick
Marcin Nalepa Mostki
Joseph Nawrocki Skulsk
Paul Nocek Dembowa, Austria Poland
Walter Papierski Skulsk
Cassinir Schlachta Mostki
Stanislaw Sobczak Znin, Germany
Stanley Sobszak Lagajne, Gorki Poland
Kazimierz Witkowski Koscielec, Poland
Ignatius Wojciechowski Skulsk