Naturalization records, 1837-1972 – Families from Pysznica, Jastkowice, Klyzow, Kata and more.

Over the last six months, I’ve been ordering and viewing the “Microfilm of original records in the Chautauqua County Courthouse, Mayville, New York, Naturalization records, 1837-1972.”
I’ve been searching for surnames I recognize and people who hailed from Pysznica, Poland and the surrounding areas that I’ve become so familiar with. If I locate a record, I snapshop it for future reference.

Recently I’ve had numerous DNA matches contact me, usually with an email of, “Hello: I see were related, etc, etc, ”  I fully enjoy making DNA connections, and what better way to help extended family than to be prepared!

I decided to make a list of names of the people I have and where they are from. If you see a surname  and you believe the listed person may be related to you, please contact me.

Most immigrants listed Poland or Austria for their home country (in this case anyways). This is because prior to World War I, Pysznica, Jastkowice, Klyzow & Kata were under Austrian ruler-ship.

First Name Last Name Born in 
Philip Bajdo Jastkowice
Jacob Bak Nisko
Mikolaj Bak Pysznica
Jacob Bak (Bock) Nisko
Wicenty Blazejowicz Pysznica
Paul Blazeowicz Pysznica
Frank Bolembach Pysznica
Peter Butryn Pysznica
Nicolaus Byk Jastkowice
Mikolaj Byk Jastkowice
Kojetan Dybka Klyzow
Ludwik Dzioba Jastkowice
Walentyn Kania Katy
Mike Kapuscienski Pysznica
Kazimierz Kata Katy
Martin Koczwara Jastkowice
Loroncz Koziora Jastkowice
Lucas Kuziora Jastkowice
Stanislaw Kuznicki Jastkowice
Mikolaj Kuznicki Jastkowice
Dominic Kuznicki Jastkowice
Vincent Kuznicki Jastkowice
Casimir Lebroda Pysznica
Thomas Lipka Pysznica
martin Lipka Pysznica
John Lopaciuch Pysznica
George Madurski Studzieniec
Grzegor Madurski Studzieniec
Frank Maslach Pysznica
Karol Maslask Klyzow
Louis Palen Jastkowice
George Peliz Pysznica
Frank Phelka Klyzow
Thomas Phelka Nisko
Joseph Pienta Jastkowice
Martin Pilk Pysznica
John Pokoj Jarocin
John Polko Klyzow
Phillip Sek Pysznica
Andrew Siembieda Jastkowice
Jacob Siembieda Jastkowice
Tomasz Sikora Pysznica
John Skrzypek Jastkowice
Thomas Skrzypek Nisko
Tomasz Skrzypek Nisko
Thomas Skrzypek Jastkowice
John Sobilo Nisko
Michael Sobilo Nisko
Paul Stelmach Jastkowice
Albert Stelmach Jastkowice
Stanley Stryczek Jastkowice
Frank Stupcy Jastkowice
Peter Sudol Pysznica
Thomas Swieca Pysznica
Martin Syp Jastkowice
Ludwig Sysol Jastkowice
Frank Sysol Jastkowice
Sebastian Szot Klyzow
John Szwedo Jastkowice
Stanislaw Tofil Klyzow
Louis Wasog Pysznica
Frank Wenglinski Katy
John Wojak Wulka Tanewska
Wojciech Woloszyn Ulanow
Jacob Worosz Rzeszaw
Frank Zwolak Ulanow



  • Barbara Pell (Pelensky)

    My Grandfather, Peter Butryn, said on the ship’s manifest he was from Ternopil…
    His sister, Antonia Butryn, whose passage was paid for by her brother a few years later; said on the ship’s manifest that she was from Pysznica.
    Peter Butryn arrived NYC about 1908 – And his contact was a brother-in-law in Pennsylvania which I cannot make out the name of the city at all.
    Antonia Butryn arrived NYC about 1911 and she listed her brother’s address now in Minneapolis, MN as her destination.
    Do you think we are related?
    My father told me his father’s father owned the only flour mill within a 100-mile radius and that he was an engineer of bridges. I so wish I could find out more about my grandfather’s family in the old country.
    His name was Ivan Butryn 1856-1910 (I have a fabulous photo of he and his wife’s tombstone-It is quite impressive and very large with a place to set a vase of cut flowers.)
    My Grandfather was Greek Catholic –
    However, I was told the cross on the tombstone of his father (my G-Grandfather) was not that of a “Greek” cross but of a Roman Catholic cross.
    I am having such difficulty in determining where they lived and which parish they might have attended.
    My G-Grandmother’s name was Eva Dawydowycz Butryn 1856-1930
    My Father told me his father had a brother who died “in the war of the Cossacks” Do you know anything about that?
    Sorry for going on so. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Very Sincerely,
    Barbara Butryn Pell (Pelensky)

    • Being how close those location were to my family, I’d venture to guess we probably are related somewhere down the line. I sent you an email about your family. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • I am a relative of Bajdo and Woloszyn!Are we related?

    • Both the Bajdo and Woloszyn surnames are familiar to me. The Woloszyn surname married into my paternal grandmothers line 4 generation’s back. So im sure our bloodlines crossed. Have you done DNA testing yet?

  • Hello
    I’m trying to read a baptismal certificate for my grandmother Maria Reichert born August 12, 1900.
    Her father was Jozef. I think Jozef was the son of Adam Reichert. His mothers name might have been Jozefa Schiffer. Maria’mother was Agnieszka. I can’t seem to make out her last name, but, I can clearly see the names Michal, Marius and Woloczyn amongst the latin.
    All births in Ulanow parish Kurzyna.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been at a brick wall for so long with the Polish side of my ancestry and have just started to make progress!

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