Skulsk, Poland, Hasinski & Chabecki Surname


Skulsk, Poland – Sept 2013

Skusk, Poland holds a special place in my heart. The person who was the reason I got into genealogy, my maternal grandmother was born in Skulsk. She lived with my mom & dad till her passing in 1985. I spent countless hours listening to her tell me stories about her family, her village and her travels from Poland to America. It had a profound impact on me.

As a child I made a promise to her that someday I would go back to Poland and visit the areas she came from and find her family. In 2013 I took the voyage back and when I stood upon the grounds of Skulsk and Warzymowo, it was a very emotional experience.

Unfortunately I was unable to spend much time in Skulsk and her family surnames (Hasinski, Chabecki & Witowska) weren’t recognized by anyone we spoke with. I can only assume that somewhere within one of the local villages there is someone elderly who is a descendants of one of her two sisters that stayed behind.

Gathering genealogical records from this particular area has been difficult to say the least. Many records were lost and those that survived have gaps in them. My grandmothers birth date has always been a topic of controversy as she told most of the family she came over to America much younger than she actually was and lied about her age to get in.

One sister I know for sure that stayed behind was a Bronislawa (Barbara) Hasinska, who was born in Warzymowo on 17 May 1886. I know for sure she survived both WWI & WWII because my mom and her sister recall my grandmother sending packages to her sister when they were kids, and that was “after they had to hide if planes went overhead”. (they were told to hide when planes went overheard during WWII)

According to the story, my grandmother sent a wedding dress to her sister, for her either her niece or nieces daughters wedding.

I would presume with the time period being early to late 1940s, it would be her nieces daughter. Even being 1940, that’s only 74 years and chances are someone still survives.

to be continued…
Entering Skulsk, Poland

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