Trace your Polish Ancestry?

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So you want to trace your Polish Ancestry? Great! We specialize in Polish Ancestral research!

The one thing that I commonly told by most people who are of Polish descent is, “my grandparents never talked about their lives in Poland”. If they did speak about it, it was usually in hushed tones, and while not always the case, very little information was passed down.

Regardless of what you were told or heard, I can tell you any little bit of information is a prospective lead. You may pass it off as trivial, but it could lead to some great discoveries.

What I suggest to new clients is to sit down and write about what they know about their family. Give me as much information as possible as far back as you know. Example, give me your grandparents names, birth dates, death dates and any information you know about where they may have come from. Do you know what their parents’ names were? If you have copy of death records or birth records or all family Bibles, start digging. Do you have any old photographs with information written on them? Who were their brother or sisters, even step siblings?

Did they come over with a relative?  What were the relative’s names and where did they live? Are you still in contact with them? If yes, give them a call and asked them how your related and what they know. Anything and everything that you can think of, no matter how trivial, include it in your information.

If you’re not comfortable writing this all down in word processor such as Microsoft Word, grab pen and paper and mail it to me via snail mail.

If you already have this information, feel free to email it to me @

Please include your name, address and contact phone number.
I like to speak to my clients personally before I start any project.

I look forward to helping you find your Polish ancestry!

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