Mystery Photo 1- Detroit Polish Wedding

LAST UPDATE: 4/22/2018
I’m back to sharing photos from the early 1910-1920s. This particular photo came from my cousin Wes Baltyn. This photo hung in his mother’s home up until her passing a few years ago. When I visited Poland, the photo was passed down to me as a gift, because my maternal grandparents are present in it.

Using photos from other weddings I have combined with photo forensics and utilizing some online tools I’ve been able to identify a few people listed below.

If someone in this photo is part of your family, please let me know.

Row 1: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bride Unknown, Piotr Poniewierski, Waleria Glowniak (Nee Ratusznik), Unknown, Jozef Glowniak
Row 2: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Rozalia Zelias, Eva Glowniak (nee Zawisza)
Row 3: Unknown, Unknown, Stanislaw Glowniak (Mich), Jan Strzelecki, Stanislaw Glowniak (NY) Jan Dzidowski, Unknown, Pawel Dzidowski, Andrzej Batlyn