Lopacinski family of Indiana, Pennsylvania

I’m looking to make contact with the Lopacinski family of Indiana, Pennsylvania, or any of the descendants of the family.

I realize this photo is difficult to see, but it’s the best I can get at the moment. The photo is aged and very fragile, so I didn’t want to remove it from its frame.

The family in the photo is listed as Nellie Lopacinski, husband Joseph Lopacinski, Eddie Lopacinski, Antonia Lopacinski  & Lucille Lopacinski.

Nellie Lopacinski (Nee Kuznicki) was born 6 April 1899 in Pysznica, Poland to Jan Kuznicki & Antonina Blazejowska.  Jan Kuznicki is the brother of my 2nd great grandmother, Marianna Jaworski. So this is a direct blood relation tie.

The last contact the family had with one another would have been in 1963 when Nellie passed. I obviously have old photos and genealogy information to share if you happen to read this and are interested.

Lopacinski Family