2015 Poland Trip

In August 2015, my wife Denise and I took a trip to Poland. Read about our custom guided genealogy tour with PolishOrigins.com.

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Thank you for your interest in my trip. If you need genealogy assistance in the United States or are considering a trip to Poland and need some advice, please contact me. I would be happy to assist you!
For first time travelers, view my page titled “Traveling to Poland”. This was created based on my own travel experiences. It gives you an idea of what to expect and bring for a better overall experience.


The streets of Tarnow, Poland.

The streets of Tarnow, Poland.

Mierzwa Surname Project – Ancestral Lines

  1. Mierzwa Family 001
    About: Ancestral line of Wojciech Mierzwa & Aneila Makowska. Family line has been traced back to 4th great grandfather, Sebastian Mierzwa (1750) and Marianna Blazejowicz.
    Origins: Pysznica, Poland
    Settled in: Villenova, New York
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  2. Mierzwa Family 002
    About: Researched back to Michael Mierzwa (1840) & Marianna Blazejowicz. The Ziarnowski family is a direct tie to this family.
    Origins: Pysznica
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  3. Mierzwa Family 003
    About: Traced back to Andrzej Mierzwa (1871) and Marianna Chuchra. They were married in Domostawa. Possibly immigrated to United States in 1913.
    Origins: Domostawa  & Pysznica, Poland.
    Settled in: unknown.
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  4. Mierzwa Family 004
    About: Traced back to Andrzej Mierzwa (1871) and Marianna Kutyla. The surnames of Mol, Dziuba & Jochium would be family line connections. Totally separate line from family 003.
    Origins: Domostawa & Jastkowice
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  5. Mierzwa Family 005
    About: Traced back to Viktor Mierzwa (abt 1840) and Petonela Latawiec. This line is a direct tie to the Sudol family surname. Both sons of Victor married sisters who’s surname was Sudol.
    Origins: Pysznica, Poland
    Settled in: n/a
    Contact: Mike Mierzwa
  6. Mierzwa Family 006
    About: Traced to Anrzej Mierzwa & Maria Marciol. They had 4 sons: Sigmund, Andrew, Chester, Matthew and a daughter, Celia. Chester died in WW 2
    Settled in: Utica, New York
    Contact: Kathy Mierzwa Carlozzi
  7. Mierzwa Family 007
    About: Traced back to Karol Mierzwa and Agnieszka Mierzwa. This is a direct bloodline tie to family 001. DNA testing predicts 3-5 cousins. Shared cenitMorgans & longest block suggest, 4th great-5th great grandfather connection to line 001.
    Origins: Kopki, Poland
    Settled in: Canada
    Contact: Mary Strejch
  8. Mierzwa Family 008 
    About: Ancestral line of Tomasz Mierzwa (later changed to Munza) comes from Zaczernie, Rzeszow Poland.
    Origins:Zaczernie, Rzeszow Poland.
    Settled in:West Virginia
  9. Mierzwa Family 009
    About:Wojciech Mierzwa & Franciscz Uleo
    Settled in: Buffalo
    Notes:  I believe this line could be possibly tied to Mierzwa Family 8, based on exchanges of information.
  1. Mierzwa family 010
    About: Ancestral line of Frank Drelich & Mary Mierzwa
    Origins: Kopki, Poland
    Settled in: New York City
    Contact: Don Maleto.
    Notes: DNA testing predicts connection to line 001 as fifth cousin.
  2. Mierzwa family 011 –
    About: Line of Wojciech Mierzwa and Katarzyna Mierzwa (maiden name Dziki)
    Origins: Rudnik nad Sanem
    Settled in:
    Contact: Katreena Passarello