Mystery Photo 1- Detroit Polish Wedding

I’m back to sharing photos from the early 1910-1920s. This particular photo came from my cousin Wes Baltyn. This photo hung in his mother’s home up until her passing a few years ago. When I visited Poland, the photo was passed down to me as a gift, because my maternal grandparents are present in it.

Using photos from other weddings I have combined with photo forensics and utilizing some online tools I’ve been able to identify people listed below.

If someone in this photo is part of your family, please let me know.

Row 1: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bride Unknown, Groom Unknown, Waleria Glowniak (Nee Ratusznik), Unknown, Jozef Glowniak
Row 2: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Helena Glowniak(nee Hasinska), Eva Glowniak (nee Zawisza)
Row 3: Unknown, Unknown, Stanislaw Glowniak (Mich), Kazimierz Batlyn, Stanislaw Glowniak (NY) Jan Dzidowski, Unknown, Pawel Dzidowski, Andrzej Batlyn